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Princess Jasmine and Aladdin themed birthday cake

As you must know as a reader, I like cake decorating. It is a kind of stress reliever for me. So, I offer to make birthday cakes for my friends' kids' birthdays. You see, time is the most expensive deal here and everyone feels like they are bothering me even when I say that I want to do it. So, this year, when I was talking to my friend about her daughter's birthday party, suddenly an idea struck me. She was having a Jasmine princess themed party wherein a person would (from the kid's party place) come dressed as Jasmine. I told her to order the cake with icing but no decorations from any store of her choice and I told her to order Jasmine figurine from somewhere. She did and I got to have fun, let my creativity take a ride and not spend too much time so my friends' don't feel bad.
All I did was make a batch of icing, make the magic carpet and place the figurines with "Happy Birthday" written on it. When I finished making the magic carpet, the cake looked kind of empty towards the corners. So, I decided to pipe some flowers. Then I remembered I had some royal icing flowers from another project and I used them up to make it look a little more girly and pretty. So, if you are pressed for time, you could do this and make a personalized cake for your kid.

Pictures were taken in my kitchen without moving the cake from the counter. They are not that great.
This post is written for weekend cooking post that I write with Srivalli  and  Vaishali,  


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