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Paryushan Parva Jain Recipes | Paryushan Meals

Paryushana: Jains celebrate "Paryushan" ( Pari + ushan = all kinds + to burn = to burn (shed) our all types of karmas )every year this very important festival in their community for self-purification and uplift by adhering to the 10 universal virtues in practical life. This is meant to lead adherents on the right path, far from the mad strife for material prosperity, which ultimately leads the follower to his true destination salvation.


According to Jain's, the king of all the festivals, Parvadhiraj Paryushana has come now. This festival has the highest power of doing auspicious to the worshipers. This festival takes the soul to the upper condition. It lights the lamps of life i.e. pious life. This festival also shows the path of salvation. It is compared with water works through which one can clean one's soul from the dirt of Karmas. This also makes the sinful persons pious and virtues. The souls which are already aware about the merits and sins, can do their duties, but those people who are still passionate towards worldly pleasures become aware of new motivation. So this festival is celebrated.

Why should we welcome the festival?
 This festival makes the life clean by washing away all the blackness of sins and Karmas. The soul shines with brightness. It also becomes sweet with pious smell of friendly feelings.
No vegetables, nor green leafy vegetables..not one for 8 straight days.. Yes I am talking about that time of year where we run out of recipes with no clue what to cook without using those daily food prepared with veggies..

Here is a list of number of things which can be cooked in least possible time, so you can devote that time in self purification.

Curries | Dals

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