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Gulkand Paan Mukhwas - Home Remedy for Bad Breath

1Bad breath can have disastrous consequences on your confidence and love life (in fact often on your social life as well). However, the following quick fix home remedies can help you get rid of this problem-

• Chew a stick of clove after every meal
• Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in lukewarm water and gargle with it after every meal
• Chew mint leaves after your meals
• Chewing cardamom seeds can also help in getting rid of bad breath
• Make yogurt a part of daily diet
• Apples also help in getting rid of bad breath by killing the foul odor producing bacteria in the mouth
• Drink lots of water, as a dry mouth often causes bad breath
• Add a drop of tea tree oil to your toothpaste before you brush your teeth in the morning.

It is absolutely essential to adopt good dental care habits, such as brushing your teeth before going to bed; rinsing your mouth after every meal and keeping your 
tongue clean etc. However, if nothing works please consult your doctor, as chronic bad breath could also be the result of infections in the throat, mouth or stomach.

Gulkand Mukhwas - Mouth Freshner

Apart from these.... My dear "H" prepared this home-made, "Gulkand Mukhwas", Mukhwas is usually eaten after a meal to aid digestion and freshen the mouth and there are countless recipes out there.. This recipe calls for (Gulkand) rose petals in sugar syrup, adding Fresh Betel leaves,  sugar coated fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, cardamom seeds, clove powder & roasted coriander seeds called "dhana dal", all the ingredients can be easily found in any Indian Grocery Store, or google to buy online. Here is the recipe.

12 Fresh Betel Leaves
1 C Gulkand (Rose petals in sugar syrup)
1/2 C Fennel Seeds
1/2 C Dhana dal
1/4 C Shredded Dry Coconut
2 Tbsp Sugar coated fennel seeds
2 Tbsp Pumpkin seeds
1 tsp Cardamon seeds
1 tsp Clove, coarsely grinded , add according to your taste.

1.  In a big bowl, mix all the above ingredients and store in an airtight container in refrigerator, stays good for 2 weeks.

Benefits of Betel Leaves: 

Weakness of Nerves: Betel leaves are beneficial in the treatment of nervous pains, nervous exhaustion and debility. The juice of a few betel leaves, with a teaspoon of honey, will serve as a good tonic. A teaspoon of this can be taken twice a day.

Headaches:The betel leaf has analgesic and cooling properties. It can be applied with beneficial results over the painful area to relieve intense headache.

Respiratory Disorders: Betel leaves are useful in pulmonary affection in childhood and old age. The leaves, soaked in mustard oil and warmed, may be applied to the chest to relieve cough and difficulty in breathing.

Constipation: In the case of Constipation in children, a suppository made of the stalk of betel leaf dipped in castor oil can be introduced in the rectum. This instantly relieves Constipation.

Sore Throat: Local application of the leaves is' effective in treating sore throat. The crushed fruit or berry should be mixed with honey and taken to relieve irritating cough.

Inflammation: Applied locally, betel leaves are beneficial in the treatment of inflammation such as arthritis and orchitis, that is inflammation of the testes.

Wounds: Betel leaves can be used to heal wounds. The juice of a few leaves should be extracted and applied on the wound. Then a betel leaf should be wrapped over and bandaged. The wound will heal up with a single application within 2 days.

Boils: The herb is also an effective remedy for boils. A leaf is gently warmed till it gets softened, and is then coated with a layer of castor oil. The oiled leaf is spread over the inflamed part. This leaf has to be replaced, every few hours. After a few applications, the boil wilt rupture draining all the purulent matter. The application can be made at night and removed in the morning.

This Mukhwas straight goes to Home Remedies - II, hosted at ruchikacooks,for the month of March 2010,  event started by Us.

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